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Cheese industry

The Netherlands produces 650 million kilos of cheese per year, making it the world’s fifth largest cheese producer. Naturally, as a producer/stacker, you are well aware of that, just as we are. Scholte Metaal has focused on this substantial industry for a number of years. Over the years, we have gained a great deal of knowledge concerning your logistical issues. Our professional expertise enables us to offer products that are optimally suited to your production and logistical processes. We have been market leader in the Netherlands for many years.

A great number of leading cheese producers and stackers already rely on us.

We will be glad to put our knowledge of your sector to good use by offering you the perfect product as well; a product that meets all your expectations.

2010,034 kaasbox



Type: Cheese Transportbox

Dimension: 795 x 1195 x 1925mm

2011,049 Cheese mold box

Cheese mold box


Type: Mold box.

Dimension: 1164 x 961 x 827mm.

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