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Approximately one quarter of global steel is produced from recycled scrap metal. Scrap metal can be resmelted into steel in a number of ways. This can be done in the converter, where a scrap metal can be added to the converted pig iron in order to cool it. Another option is the electric arc furnace, which exclusively uses scrap metal as a raw material.

The quality of the scrap metal is extremely important. Heavily contaminated scrap metal will cause problems during resmelting. Copper remnants can cause problems, as copper cannot be removed from iron by oxidation. For this reason, it is important that scrap metal is carefully separated into different categories. The presence of rust in scrap metal is sometimes even beneficial. In the converter, the oxygen contained in the rust can help to remove the excess carbon in the pig iron. Scholte Metaalbewerking therefore possesses an extensive system for the separation of steel. By separating blank steel, galvanised steel and steel with other finishes, we are able to optimally process scrap metal.

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In addition to collecting separated steel, we are always investigating ways to make production more efficient. For example, manufacturing the products in close proximity to the end users. Our modern production location is situated right here in the Netherlands. Therefore, as few energy-guzzling transport methods are required to get our products to our clients, our method of production is the way of the future. Spiralling energy costs in the future will prove the merits of our approach. Purchasing of increasingly innovative machines and use of green electricity also make a positive contribution to the sustainability of our business. 

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