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Roll containers

In order to produce the perfect roll container for you, we can provide client-specific advice. This involves asking targeted questions regarding the desired usage and requirements. Below you can find a number of main categories of roll containers. Click on the images for more information.

Roll container K72 2 heks

Roll container


Type: Roll container K72 two fences
Dimension: 805 x 720 x 1500mm.

Roll container P72 2 heks

Roll container


Type: Roll container P72 two fences
Dimension: 815 x 720x 1500mm

Steel 3 fence container

Roll container


Type: Steel 3 fence container
Dimension: 870 x 680x 1700mm.

Flora 100

Roll container


Type: Flora 100 Roll container

Dimension: 1320x 1030x1900mm.

2010,060 Laundry container

Roll container


Type: Laundry Roll container

Dimension: 860x660x1725mm.

2010,02 broodcontainer

Roll container


Type: Bread Roll container

Dimension: 1200 x 700 x 1840mm

1986,006 Spacewinner

Roll container


Type: Nestable Roll Container Spacewinner

Dimension: 800 x 680 x 1500mm.

2012,043 nestbare Roll container

Roll container


Type: Nestable Roll Container

Dimension: 900 x 710 x 1890mm

2011,067 AGF container

Roll container


Type: AGF container

Dimension: 870 x 600 x 1700mm.

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