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Steel cargo racks

Steel cargo racks can provide the perfect solution to your storage or transport problems. Compact packing, storage and transport saves a great deal of time and space, and therefore also money. We are happy to provide advice regarding solutions to your specific problems.

Below you can find a selection of steel cargo racks. We produce these racks in complete accordance with your specifications, and if desired, with crane/lift certification. Click on each image to see if that particular product is supplied from stock. 

Steel cargo racks 2004,027 pallet

Steel cargo racks


Type: Steal cargo racks
Dimension: 1160 x 695 x 395mm

2009,033 Gjaltema pallet

Steel cargo racks


Type: Steel cargo racks
Dimension: 1120x1020x880mm

2005,026 pallet



Type: Steel cargo racks lange producten
Dimension: 8050 x 945 x 700mm

2009,006 pallet

Steel cargo racks


Type: Stalen pallet
Dimension: 1200x800x137mm

2005,035 stalen pallet 3455x19

Steel cargo racks


Type: Stalen bouwhekken pallet
Dimension: 3455 x 1985 x 285mm

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